Guiding & Coaching organizations through the Digital Business Transformation process

Digital Business Transformation – How to Make it Work?

Are you part of the growing CxO group who understands that your customers are relying more and more on non-traditional digital marketing channels? Do you have insight into how they are exploring, evaluating and purchasing your product and/or services? In every industry (B2B, B2C or B2B2C), every market and country the influence of non-traditional channels is rapidly growing. From an online user point of view, it means the following:

  • Know Me
  • Inspire Me
  • Guide Me
  • Connect Me
  • Inform Me
  • Expedite Me

Great, welcome to the majority of business leaders. But how to make sure you achieve results as show earlier? At Digital Transformations we have defined a 6 step process to guide you, realizing the entire process can take up to 3 – 5 years. Every step has clear deliverables and can be completed in a few months.

Our experienced Digital Business Transformations Consultants are seasoned professionals with experience in this transformation process.  The entire Digital Business Transformation process can be summarized into 3 main areas:

  • Culture Change
  • User Experience
  • Technology Enablers.




Each of the 3 areas has its own challenges and deserves its attention. For that reason, and to start the Digital Business Transformation process a senior management workshop is key to assure alignment, goal setting and expectations. Followed by an internal “As Is” assessment defining the starting line. Finally, the last deliverable in step 1 is then the Digital Strategy itself. All steps are explained below. Of course this will be specifically tailored to your organization, to what the direct needs are and what the organizational digital maturity is.



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